About Dennis K. Biby

Sun Po anchored in Radio Bay, Hilo, HawaiiAs a liveaboard, single-handed sailor who gazes over the horizon, Dennis K. Biby (BY-BEE) has difficulty living in one locale for more than a couple of years. He has survived as a naval officer, electrical engineer, software developer, and entrepreneur.  While living aboard Sun Po in Hawaiʻi and occasionally anchored off Molokaʻi and Maui, he penned (keyboarded) Molokaʻi Reef.

(Sun Po anchored in Radio Bay, Hilo, HI)

Dennis sailed Sun Po, a Pearson 35 sloop, about the Chesapeake Bay for five years.  A failed attempt to sell her after he moved to the Bay Area resulted in Sun Po traveling by tractor-trailer to Redwood City, CA where he once again moved aboard.  Over the next ten years he sailed San Francisco Bay and delta while keeping the boat in Pete's Harbor (Redwood City), Pelican Harbor (Sausalito), Pier 39 (Fisherman's Wharf, SF), and anchored about for a few months.

In 2001, he pointed the bow out the Golden Gate and nineteen days later sailed into Hilo, Hawaii.  For the next four years he sailed about Hawaii.  Most of the time, he berthed Sun Po in Keehi Harbor although he spent several months in Ala Wai Harbor (in Waikiki) and a couple of months in Haleiwa on the the North Shore of Oahu.

Kayak gunnerWhen he is not sailing, you might find him kayaking the Lowcountry of South Carolina or the Chesapeake Bay.

Dennis lives aboard his current boat, Ferrity, on the Chesapeake Bay – for now!

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Annapolis (2009)