You might enjoy Molokai Reef if... follow Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry, Janet Evanovich, Tim Dorsey, etc.  No, I'm not claiming to write as well as they do but I enjoy their books and incorporate wacky characters (think Barry's "Governor", Dorsey's "Serge", or Evanovich's "Grandma Mazur") into Molokai Reef. are a sailor.  The protagonist, Gybe, and his sidekicks in Molokai Reef are sailors.  Mongoose sails a schooner, Andrea operates her business from a Lagoon 41 catamaran, Flyn singlehands a large monohull, and Gybe sails his 41' sloop.  Compare Gybe with a less rigid and sailing Travis McGee. visit or yearn to visit Hawaii.  Set on Molokai with a side sail to Maui, the story incorporates Hawaiian history, current events, and travelogue. are an environmentalist or anti-environmentalist.  Without revealing the plot, genetic engineering and the Precautionary Principle play a role in Molokai Reef. savor a good chuckle while reading a mystery.  Meet Bill, the scarlet macaw and book marquee. want to be the first on your block to discover and support a new author.

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The sequel to Molokai Reef begins with Gybe dropping anchor in the Chesapeake Bay.  Due spring 2010.